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May 28, 2009
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Dreams of Life and Song by pegacorna2 Dreams of Life and Song by pegacorna2
Character Reference:

This creation is a production of Stephanie Small Designs. Please do not copy, reproduce or abuse this piece in any way without first contacting me. Commissions may only be used by the purchaser.

If you would like your own custom piece, please see the Commission Information Journal. Thank you so much for your time.

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CLOSEUP: [link]

About the Goddess Abathia, a Winged Unicorn goddess in my Dungeons and Dragons Game: [link]


Also, if you would like this in slightly tinted colors (via photoshop), you can note me and I will design it, post it and enable prints if you want it (I will only do this for prints though because I don't think my watchers want half a dozen recolored version of the same thing popping up).

Beautiful Horn, Lovely and strong.
Bless us now the heart belong
To the hold of Abathia's horn
Bright and Strong, moon born
Bring the Dreams to Life and Song
Take us now, love undone.


You slip the soft purple deerskin case from the bag. Inside you feel the lightweight traveling size book. It is neatly wrapped in the waterproof leather. It is held closed with a stunning amethyst clasp with a silver unicorn buckle. Loosening the buckle, you allow the case to fall from the beautiful book.

The book is a fine and well-crafted. Bound in gleaming white leather and adorned with a silver unicorn on the cover, it displays the script "Tirael Nimara" in the delicate script of the elves. You softly open the book, inside, you see the perfect, measured writing of a trained hand. Soon, you begin to read.......


Light. Blindness. Soon, the light spreads its wings from my sight and I find myself in strange yet beautiful surroundings. I am pale and nude, wavering in a moonlight path, open only on one end. I feel as though I am only a simple observer in my own body. To either side of the path, lies thick tangled bramble and huge darkened trees. Farther down the wandering path is a large open area filled with pale moonlight which is guarded by a unicorn archway.

On either side of the opening rear two unicorn stallions crafted of white marble. They have delicately crafted marble wings lifted and spread to make an archway into the glade. Their alicorns are crossed and are balancing a pentagram between the horn’s points. I feel so safe and serene that I am aghast with joy.

I pass under the shelter of the unicorn’s arch. Inside the magnificent glade I gasp in joy. Ethereal light, pale and multihued, dances in the huge spreading treetops above. The sound of tumbling water tickles my ears. I smell the joyous scent of flowers. I know despite my nudity, I can feel no vulnerability in this place. There are motes of light in all different colors, lights and shades that dart and dance within my reach. Purple, blue, black and red flowers of all hues glow from the ground, bushes and trees.

The peacefulness of this realm permeates me. I walk over to the tumbling water fall. I see it is pouring into a clear, sparkling lake. The bushes are laden with many colored flowers that hug the sides of the water. Lichen and mosses drip from the overhanging tress and willows, their trailings dancing long the surface of water.

Inside the water, tiny multicolored fish, frogs, lizards and fairies dart for deeper water. The water ripples to the other side. A flash of light draws my attention. I stare in awe as I see a shimmering white unicorn walk from the brush. She doesn’t seem to acknowledge me. She walks into the water, her body moving into the lake. She stops. She lowers the shining horn into the water and it begins to ripple as silver streaks stream from her horn.

It is a great mare with a flowing silver-blue mane, glistening violet horn and sharp cloven hooves. She was more beautiful than any other horse I had ever seen. From her back were shining iridescent wings. Each feather looked like spun silver, it was so delicate and perfect. It was wonderful. I was so happy! Then she approached me. It moved its wings over my back, hugging me. It was so splendid! Then it told me that I would always be one with Unicorn.

Then the unicorn lowered her sharp horn to my heart and she pressed the sparkling shaft to me. I felt the most powerful energy flow into me. I gasped in pleasure as the power coursed and doubled into my body. I could barely maintain my balance. Suddenly, the unicorn took a step back.

Then she rose a little, drawing the alicorn to my forehead. I gasped at the exquisite rippling of pleasure bursting within. Then she drew herself back. Spiraling from where my forehead was touched by her horn, my own horn grew in response!!! I was shocked and could do no more than stand there still as a statue. Suddenly the unicorn flared out her wings and the tips of her feathers tingled along my back. My spine flared with energy. She moved her wings away from my back. Pleasure streamed from me as my own feathers were following his! I had wings!! Oh my Unicorn!

She then took a step back. I was in shock! Here I stood with my own shining white-violet horn. My own wings spread out beside me! It was so amazing. Then the unicorn looked down at me. She softly said “I am with you. You can always call upon me and my allies for help and guidance. You should always look to us for help.” The unicorn took a step back and she trumpeted a great whinny that echoed for miles.

From all areas I saw a menagerie of horses, unicorns, deer, elk, dogs, cats, pegasi and more animals than I could possibly name or know. The area was filled with their energy. A glowing blue light filled the area and I knew…for once…that the blessings of the unicorn were with me.

When I awoke I still felt the power of the animals surging within me. I know that the Unicorn was blessing me because of the crystalline, milky violet horn on my forehead and the tumbling white hair. My hair had quite literally turned white!

Art Creation Notes:
Year Completed: 2009 (Pencil sketch done in 2006)
Time it Took: Pencil took several hours, I think three or four devoted hours then a few scattered throughout.
Medium: Pencil
Original Size: 8x10Inches (YES IT IS VERY SMALL, I regret this, because the unicorn and moon dominate the entire piece of paper. As it was, It was a lot of detail for so small an area. And Abathia, as a unicorn, was not made to regret, so she doesn't mind the small format *hehe, dorky Last Unicorn joke*)
Source/Model: No Source
Notes: I wanted a good picture for a role playing game god. I use her in D&D.

OK. So, this is a colored version of [link] that has been completed. Hehe. You know, I only sign a piece I feel is completely and utterly finished. This piece was laying around unsigned for years. I knew I wanted to do the back wing, but I never throught I was ready. My coloring skills have pretty much been to build up to this one.

Drawn in pencil, here is the WIP Pencil sketch: [link] and I then colored it in prismacolor marker and pencil. The markers gave a really soft watercolored effect and the pencil really makes the picture "pop" I got the purplish prismatic color by layering colors then going over the whole thing with a white colored pencil. No marker was used on Abathia herself, only on the background.

Other Pictures of Abathia:
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