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BOB the Rebob Horror of Napa Valley by pegacorna2 BOB the Rebob Horror of Napa Valley by pegacorna2
Bob took to the air,
With a wing-ebon flair
he would dance and chitter,
Aerial pounce and skitter
bringing such a fright
claws wriggling with delight
He snargled and he rawrgled
His hissled and his gargled
“The moon is full, let’s go out!”
As he dusted up his fangy snout

In Napa, there is a place where the youth loathe to go. Deep within the oldest, most overgrown road where a curse is said to lie, dwell the most abhorrent of beasts. Partrick Road. The overgrown mass of old trees, twisted around each other grows closer and closer into a thick tunnel. As urban sprawl gives way to the whims of nature, the forest grows older, deeper and darker in this place, than any other locale of the ancient wood, where the vines have twisted, lies the blocked entryway of an ancient and forsaken cemetery. Giant boulders block the path, yet rumor has it that the old gate contains a host of ill-bred creatures. Beasts.

Some say the creatures were always here, cursed beasts from a time when magic was freer. Other people say that the monsters are the shackle we must bear for the invasion of native American lands. Others say that they're an experiment gone wrong or a Chinese curse. I have heard many stories, yet many first hand, of the creatures that dwell in the crouching Napan hill.

The Rebob.

Rare, elusive, spiteful and intelligent, these demons infest the ancient forest, a testament to ill-fortune. They harass passerbyes and drivers. Some say they have been rumored to kill people or snatch children from their rooms or people who are making out. Whether there is something alive and dangerous on that road though, is anyone's guess. Car accidents, horrified people, sleep walkers, nightmares, kidnappings, killings, hangings and mass murder surround this hallow and the beasts that may hide in its tangles.

Though in form they appear to be ebony monkeys, their faces are twisted with spite. Their eyes glow an ember-red and their fierce cries can be heard day or night. Concealed in the darkest shadows, these monsters glide on naked flesh wings, flying horrors. Perhaps they're ancient demons from a people long gone, or perhaps they are simply a result of drug-induced hallucinations. Sometimes they are the size of small monkeys, other times they are the size of large men, towering over 9 feet tall. Legends have abounded and I have collected information first hand from many sources.

I have heard that they are the results of early genetic experiments by scientists.

Other times, I have heard that many Chinese people were killed by the Partick Family patron in the mines after the quicksilver was mined and there was no more work for them.

I have heard that its tied in with the "Napa Curse" the horrid curse that makes people forever return to Napa, no matter how far they stray. It is said that the Pomo Native Americans who lived there cast the curse on "White men" because they drove them from their homes, so for revenge, the natives made a curse to make Napa the "white man's" Prison.

I have heard other stories, that the beast is a physical manifestation of a thief, rapist and murderer who was hung in a tree on Partrick road and buried without ceremony.

I also heard that the Napa Chamber of Commerce and other strange groups have held Satanic rituals. I worked for the Napa Chamber and saw nothing like that. However, I would not be surprised it older people (who happened to be members) were involved. However, like all myths and legends, the truth has fallen into secrecy.

One thing is clear, I have been to Partrick road…and something dwells there…I have rated it among my highest scores in latent energy and there is a distinct negative feel in that vortex. I can't think of anyone who has ever had a "normal" experience there.


Here is a site with mention of them: [link]

Stock Used: [link] vervet monkey by ~kayne-stock

Mixed Media.

For the Legends and Myths Contest [link]

Rebobs have been seen for many Napa Valley, heart of the Wine Country, for many Generations. These evil winged monkeys are reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz, but from what I have gleaned, the legend is much older than that. I have heard that some believe wild monkeys just live in the forest.

If anyone finds out anything about rebobs, please, reply here. Its my goal to eventually write a book/paper with REBOBS in it!

-------- Hybrid Art Game Information --------
Name: BOB The REBOB nickname BatOrBrat (BOB)
Known Genetics(Species, breed etc): Rebob
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Build: See Image. Strong, lean, fit
Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Markings: Black eye markings/Eyeliner

Genetic Parents: Starter
Breeding Picture that Created this Hybrid: None, Starter
Reproduces With: Any
Bloodlines: Starter
Passable Traits: Wings, Irritating screech
Hybrid Offspring:
Available for Stud/Lease
For stud/lease:


Quick history: Possum bus passing with passengers passing onto little flicks of rainbow lights, come dancing down their star-cast flights. Little faery dancing swift, unto bright highlight twist, it comes down to flitter, flutter flit, with onward to the stars they slip. Oh, but there in shadows sweep the bob is snarled, snarled a swab. He hisses, grunts and growls to them, with swiping snarls and howls intent on playing naughty tricks on little flits!

Description: Black, feathered wing, short spiky hair, black eyeliner

Other: Obsessed with Tariel. He has moved to Tir'Rielle and follows her constantly. He's different from other Rebobs! He's nice, but he'd never dare admit it! He's a rebob after all, and they are supposed to be EEEEEVVVIIIILLL! He has an obsession with chasing faeries.

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Art Notes: "I survived REBOBS in Napa Valley" and this image was inspired by Azmedon, my little bad guy angel from the Ebonwing story. Much of his story takes place in Partick, and on top of that, one of his forms is a "winged demon/monkey/gargoyle"
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WolfLuvur12 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
dgibbons21 Featured By Owner May 15, 2011
That is amazing. I was born and raised in Napa. I lived off of Partrick Rd. and went to Browns Valley Elementary. This is just awesome to think that our neighborhood stories have actually grown to this level. I think the rest of the world calls it snipe hunting. But we had a much better twist on it. What you would do is tell someone all of the old stories about the Rebobs on the way up Partrick Rd. and when we got to the top of the hill where the Cemetary was. Well if you could convince this person to get out of the vehicle at all. Then you would walk them out into the cemetary. And then everyone else would run back to the car and yes that's right leave them there all alone in the cemetary at the top of Partrick Rd. oh and btw did I mention that this was also a very long, overgrown dark scary road. And yes they had to walk all the way back down that long dark scary road thinking about these evil scary creatures all the way. Now you tell me is that funny or what? BTW I love the T-shirt idea.
pegacorna2 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2011
Thanks! Glad you like them. i am working on some new rebob drawings. Winged monkeys are prevalent throughout the mythology of all of north america. The stories of rebobs and other winged monkeys sometimes originate from indigenous lore. They recently found a bat that was huge and had a unicorn horn growth on its nose. So, my mom who was always thinking they were winged bats of unusual size might be right, but most of the flying monkey stories are of animals much larger than bats. You never know. I will be sure to include tricks in the local lore, though hehe. Then people could plan for their outings in partick, then you can go snipe hunting on the other side of napa afterward right?
Tomoyo264 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2010
I used to live near Napa, and recently went down there for Vacation. Two friends and I drove up to Partrick Road, and although we didn't encounter an Rebobs, we definitely saw some freaky things.

It's definitely worth visiting if your into the paranormal :3
pegacorna2 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2010
Ah yes, I grew up in Napa, so I am quite intimate with that area's weirdness. I had dreams about it a lot growing up.
KevinPain Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009
Thats really cool! I live in Napa and we're going to tell people because its awesome, and we're gonna make a documentary, because we're bored here.
pegacorna2 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009
Dude, I am totally helping if you'll have me. I just live over in lake but go to napa often. Let me know how I can help. I can get interviews with all sorts of people.
KevinPain Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009
oh, thats cool. we'll let you know if we need help. thanks
pegacorna2 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009
If you live in Napa, perhaps I should see if we know each other. I used to game at the gaming shops if you ever went, run the local gaming guild, used to work at Bookends Bookstore, I am active in pagan activities and I am a member of the SCA... You do any of the above? (you don't have to answer of course).

Oh, and also, there is an awesome book for Sonoma on haunted places and stuff. I always wanted to do one for Napa.
KevinPain Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009
no I've never done any of those. but that book sounds interesting.
Nichelle22 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2009
Dang that thing looks creepy, great job in capturing the essence of those things! Extremely well done :D
pegacorna2 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2009
hehe. Inspired by Azmedon. He had a lot of choice as to how to draw them...
Awesome!!! I love the grass :D This turned out really cool!
pegacorna2 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009
Thank you very much~
pegacorna2 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009
*thinks that an "I survived REBOBS in Napa Valley" Would make a good T-Shirt.
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